Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my own electrician or engineers install the systems to reduce costs?

Of course! We actually encourage it ALL of our systems are designed for straightforward 'DIY' installation so that operators can keep costs to an absolute minimum.
An expert installation service is also available when required, either for the initial vehicle (allowing for your engineers/ electrician to shadow our installer to enable future installs to be undertaken
in-house) or for your entire fleet


2. How secure are the units?

They are very secure! We supply a remote control for system configuration which is password protected and the hard drive (or SD Card on the CEN103+ model) can only be removed from the Digital Recorder Unit using the security key provided. The video footage can then only be played back via our Playback Software.

3. Do I have to pay for the Playback software?

The playback software is included free of charge with your first order.

4. Can I track the Location of my vehicle using your CCTV?

Yes. As a minimum, we include GPS aerials with all of our systems which will allow you to view the location of your vehicle when playing back the footage from the hard drive or SD card. Along with location, this will also also show direction of travel and vehicle speed. ALL you need for this to work is an internet connection. 

If you want Live GPS so you can view your vehicle Location on PC or smartphone without removing the hard drive or SD Card from your vehicle then you can add the '3G module' which will allow you to do this.

5. Do your units feature a shock sensor?

Yes -this is included as standard with CEN102+ and CEN104+ models and is an option with CEN101 +.

6. Can I finance or Lease your equipment?

Yes we can arrange this for you (subject to status).

7. Can I view footage remotely?

Yes - we can supply our Digital Video Recorders with an inbuilt 3G module which allows you to do this using our PC Software or mobile phone application.

8. Your not one of the big brand names - can I trust you?

We're not the biggest but we live and breath vehicle CCTV, we have thousands of happy customers and have been supplying CCTV for almost 10 years now. The only difference is we dont have a massive sales team across the country and we operate on Lower overheads - the cost savings we benefit from are then passed over to you!

9. If I order the wrong equipment what happens?

Whatever the reason and whatever it takes -we will put it right !