Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera Systems

Prevent reversing collisions with Pedestrians, Property or Vehicles

Our range of Reversing Camera Systems have been designed for an easy and neat installation on your vehicle. Once installed, the risk of an incident occurring when your vehicle is carrying out a reversing manoeuvre is significantly reduced.

Compatible Vehicles


Our reversing systems are installed in buses, coaches, HGV’s, commercial vehicles, motor homes, caravans, horseboxes and trailers and they ensure maximum visibility and safety when reversing your vehicle.

You can also record the video footage captured by the reversing camera should you wish to do by combining it with a Centrad Mobile Digital Video Recorder.

In addition to our range of wired ‘Plug n Play’ reversing systems, we have also introduced a range of digital wireless systems which provide a perfect interference free image and are extremely easy to install.

Wireless Reversing System
Product Code CEN-501W
7’’ Monitor & Reversing Camera
Wired Reversing System
Product Code CEN-501
7’’ monitor, reversing camera & 20 metre cable
Wired Reversing System
Product Code CEN-502
7’’ monitor, license plate camera & 20 metre cable
Wired Reversing System
Product Code CEN-503
Rear view mirror monitor. Includes license plate camera & 20 metre cable

Where can I buy Your Reversing Camera Systems?

You can purchase your reversing camera systems directly from us here at Centrad. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will help guide you to the perfect Wi-Fi solution for your fleet.

Give Steph a call on 0121 696 4784 arrow_right.png 

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What People Say

  • No brainer
    Centrad CCTV is a no brainer for every operator. It’s fantastic value and has repaid our investment several times over. We would be lost without it.
    Steve Wallis, Southdown PSV
  • Really impressed with the quality
    We are really happy with our systems, in particular the quality of the footage we have obtained. Claire has been great to deal with.
    Carl Caines, Birmingham Airport
  • The perfect solution
    We had demonstrations from four different suppliers of Vehicle CCTV including Centrad. We identified Centrad as our preferred supplier early on in the process and was delighted that once we received our quotation they were also the cheapest as well as the best option for our fleet.
    Jason Beattie, Alpine Coaches
  • Great to have peace of mind
    When I was shopping around for CCTV for my fleet, the two year warranty Centrad offered was really important. All other providers were only offering me a guarantee for one year which proved to me that Centrad really do believe in their own products.
    George Rowe, Rowe & Tudhope
  • Already saved us £15,000
    Within a matter of months we were able to prove a claim we had received from a 3rd party was fraudulent - the value of which was £15,000.
    Stephen Collier, Selwyns
  • My favourite supplier
    We've been working with Centrad a number of years now and nothing is too much trouble. We needed to make an urgent order which we made at 4pm and the goods arrived with us by 9am the next morning. Centrad are without doubt my favourite supplier.
    Perry Dean, Stephensons of Essex
  • Excellent customer service
    The system works very well covers passengers avoids bogus claims, which happened to be why I started with CCTV, since I install the system it has foiled 10 claims internal and external in the last two years alone. Drivers initially hated the idea but after it helped in a couple in their defence they are now more than pleased to be covered.

    With Centrad's excellent backup service, any vehicle operator these days would in my view be falling behind and leaving themselves wide open to bogus claims.
    Richard Gwynne, Laguna Travel
  • The most reliable system I have ever used
    I have used a number of different systems over the years and Centrad's system is the best Most importantly it has never let me down.
    Neil Donoghue, Premium Tours
  • Lovely cup of tea
    I visited Centrad's HQ to have a chat with the team and see the products in action before making a final decision. It was well worth doing and I received some excellent advice. I'm really pleased with the end product and it has already repaid our investment within six months.
    Steve Blakeway, Hansons Buses
  • Good value
    It made perfect sense to procure our CCTV systems from a company that also operates vehicles. They know the systems inside and out
    They are good value. easily installed and good customer care from Claire.
    Andy Hayball, Beeline Coaches
  • Truly excellent customer service
    When we installed the cameras on our vehicle, I had a change of mind and decided that we should have ordered the tamper proof cameras rather than the standard cameras we initially ordered. Claire replaced them right away-truly excellent customer service!
    Barry Compton, Plant Logistics
  • Fantastic product and good value
    Allan’s Coaches highly recommend Centrad CCTV. Fantastic product and good value which can also help reduce large fleet insurance costs! Fast delivery too. Claire has been so helpful throughout and is very knowledgeable on the product.
    David Allan, Allan’s Coaches, Edinburgh
  • An accurate eye witness
    In the event of an accident CCTV provides you with an accurate eye witness. Centrad's CCTV solution has helped a number of our clients reduce their exposure to fraudulent accident claims and has ultimately improved their overall claims experience.
    David Hull, Wrightsure Insurance Group
  • Fast and efficient
    We were initially attracted to Centrad on price and were really impressed with the quality of the equipment Centrad provided. In an industry that cannot afford downtime the Centrad team also provide fast and efficient customer support.
    Nothing is too much trouble for them.
    Stuart Frost, Notts & Derby Buses (Part of Wellglade group)
  • GPS tracking function is invaluable
    The GPS tracking function that is included as standard now on Centrad systems is invaluable. I wasn't sure we would benefit at first as we have telematics installed on our trucks already, but being able to view the footage in sync with a map showing the location and speed of the truck has been extremely useful
    Paul Berrow, Bendi
  • The finance options are great
    I had been going backwards and forward with prospect of fitting our fleet with the vehicle CCTV for some time as the investment we required to fit our entire fleet was significant however Centrad's hire purchase option meant we could spread the cost of our equipment including installation over a three year repayment period. The finance option made our decision to proceed an easy one !
    Zak Master, Travelmasters of Manchester
  • Live viewing and GPS is fantastic
    We recently upgraded to the live viewing and GPS option that comes with Centrad CCTV and it has been a revelation. The mobile phone app has proven extremely useful and has saved us a lot of time being able to view footage remotely. The same software also shows us the exact location of our vehicles refreshing automatically every 10 seconds allowing us to provide a rapid response to our customers.
    David Christie, 911 Recovery
  • Excellent team of installers
    I'd like to say how impressed we are with the new CCTV systems and to say how amazing your installers were. They installed them so carefully and ensured that they Left the buses as clean and tidy as they found them. Their attitude was spot on! They even stayed until 7.45pm to make sure all systems were working correctly. They're an absolute credit to Centrad.
    The service received from Centrad has been excellent and I will be in touch in the near future to get some more vehicles fitted out
    Jordan Ridley, Ridleys Coaches